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Quotes Message After 40 years of dealing with cluster headaches, numerous drug therapies, trips around the country too neurological specialists. I may have finally found a solution. Going on two weeks of three cap fulls a day, my headaches are leaving. The cycle I've been going through of 6-8 headaches per day, is now one to two manageble headaches. Thank you. Will update my progress next week. Quotes
Raymond Bogusz
Cluster Headaches gone

Quotes My experience with Natures Silver Lining has been very positive. I believe in one area in particular it has assisted me was in chemo recovery. The kind of chemo I had was in pill form every day, which drained my strength. I did as instructed, consuming a teaspoon to tablespoon several times per day. With the silver, I did feel stronger and had more energy. When I am treated with chemo, Natures Silver Lining helps me gain strength to fight my cancer. So far with chemo treatments my tumor marker numbers have dropped from 1,100 to 220. The tumor is not growing and has stabilized. We hope for even more, but for now we are happy with the de-progression of the cancer. Thank you, Robyn Clark Quotes
Robin Clark
My cancer recovery

Quotes I burned my hand when I grabbed a burning bottle of olive oil that combusted and caught my friends kitchen on fire. I had sustained 3rd degree burns from the flaming oil that actually had my hand on fire. I had a bottle of NSL Ionic Super Silver and poured the 8oz bottle into a 1 quart zip lock freezer bag and submerged my hand in the silver. INSTANTLY NO PAIN! I had my hand in the silver for about an hour while I dealt with the fire department and then drove myself to the hospital ( the fire department wanted to call an ambulance because of the severity of the burn, they were afraid I would pass out from the pain, which I did not have) At the hospital they rushed me into a room and had a doctor come in right away, after a 20 minute discussion about the product my hand was in and me not being in pain the doctor dressed the wound and said it would take 6 months to a year to heal and I would probably need skin grafts. 60 day later 99% healed, never any pain! Quotes
Amazing burn recovery results

Quotes This silver works outstanding on my diverticulosis, I am pain free when I use it! Quotes
Clayton Reutter
Satisfied customer

Quotes I have to share this with everyone I meet. Have you ever awaken with a headache? My wife woke up one morning and instead of saying I slept well, she complained of a headache, I told her to drink of a cap full of that Ionic Silver stuff that was given to me, and rolled back over to sleep. She went to the bathroom and returned excited and said my head has stopped hurting. That was fast! I now tell every person I see about it. I even gave my son's friend a bottle who was suffering from a toothache, he now wants to sell the products and we later signed a contract with Nature's Sliver Lining to sell the product under our 'Health, Wellness and Safety' division. What a great product! Orders are coming in steadily. Quotes
A. Burks
Chief Executive Officer

Quotes My experience with silver is the immediate relief of a headache. I also had an infected tooth, upon holding silver on that tooth a few times the infection was gone. I have been telling my friends about this product and letting some of them try my silver. I have gotten positive feed back from everyone that has tried the product. Quotes

Quotes My most impressive experience with the silver was when my son came into my room while I had the curling iron on and was late for work. I was inpatient and not paying attention to what I was doing, my son asked me a question and while I was getting ready I gripped the wrong end of the curling iron. OMG I thought I was going to pass out from the pain of the HOT iron. I instantly ran could water over my hand while I reached for the Ionic silver and poured some in a cup I had sitting on my bathroom counter. UNBELIEVABLE, within seconds of placing my hand in the Ionic silver liquid, the burning on my fingers and the palm of my hand STOPPED, NO Kidding. My thumb continued to burn for another 4/5 minutes, than the pain also went away. I could not believe that there was NO blistering or even any swelling or redness. I was able to finish getting ready without any pain/blistering from the burn I received. This stuff is GOOD. Quotes

Quotes Welcome! Thank You for trying our products. We would like to hear about your experience. Good, Bad or indifferent. Our goal is to provide the best health product ever! With all your evaluations we can continue to improve all our products. Thank You! Quotes
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