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Quotes Before taking the product I could not stand for more than 5 minutes. I was always in pain every day all day. After taking the silver for about 8 days, I noticed that I could walk without pain and by the end of the first month I could stand for 30 minutes in church and enjoy the worship without pain or stiffness. Quotes
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Quotes I am so impressed with this product that I am telling everyone I know about It. I was promised nothing when a man named Marshall gave me my first sample, all he said was "try it and I think you find that it works!" That was almost 2 years ago. I had a sever respiratory infection in both lungs. I had this happen 3 times in the past 4 years and was put on a steady stream of drugs for about 6 week each time. It took almost the whole 6 weeks each time for my lungs to stop hurting. I told Marshall I needed to get to the Doctors before it got worse. I argued with Marshall for about 20 minutes, sharing this story with him. All he said was " you'll still be sick tomorrow" and he took the little bottle of clear liquid back from my hand. I thought about it a minute and realized he was right! I took about 2 table spoons when I got home and went to bed. When I woke up in the morning I had NO PAIN in my lungs and in about 3 days I felt great, in fact, I didn't even go back to the doctors! Quotes
Jeffrey Adam
Great results

Quotes Hello Jeff, Please feel free to pass this along to your customer. I own the vitamin store Pharmacy of Nature in Lemont, Illinois. I have been ordering, Micronic Silver with ozone stabilization for over 4 years now and am very impressed with a results my patients get from using it. Micronic Silver is not only one of our best selling products but we confidently recommend it to our customers for many symptoms: We recommend all of Natures Silver Linings products to all our customers for both humans and animals conditions. We sell more and more of it every day!!! Best client , Quotes
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Quotes My members continue the Micronic silver with the pack change as needed without the Oleazone into the sights after the first few days or so. It was my belief that power of O3 of any kind into the wound will prevent the wound from healing, I was wrong! So I chose to use the Oleazone for a few days and then back that down without the Oleazone, then use other medicament such as oil of clove coconut oil etc.In my opinion, Ozone as with peroxide in an open wound will usually delay healing. It is my experience that the ingestion of Micronic silver works great even in children. I have also used the Oleazone for tough acne cases and this has worked great as well with other skin eruptions. I would highly recommend these products if you truly want to help your members. Love and Peace Dr. Diane Meyer Quotes
Dr. Diane Meyer

Quotes I have my members hold the undiluted Micronic Silver in their mouth for a few minutes prior to swallowing. Another Micronic Silver product I use at my practice, my personal favorite, is Oleazone. Oleaone is astonishing! I simply place it at the surgical sights immediately after the surgical procedure. The healing time has dramatically improved from several weeks to just a few days. It is Incredible! My Members have experience little to no post surgically pain, no swelling or bruising except for a rare occasion. Oleazone in combination with the Micronic silver liquid placed into the surgical site is nothing short of miraculous. I believe I have a marriage made in heaven with the Micronic Silver products. I would highly recommend these products if you truly want to help your members. Love and Peace Dr. Diane Meyer Quotes
Dr Diane Meyer

Quotes I've been using the Micronic Silver in place of an antibiotic at my dentistry office for about two years now, with fabulous results. The dosages vary and have to be tweaked per individual similar to antibiotics, However, I have not had anyone that required an Rx antibiotic for surgery or pre operatively as the Micronic silver works great. Love and Peace Dr. Diane Meyer Quotes
Dr. Diane Meyer
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Quotes I am the owner of the vitamin store :pharmacy of nature in Lemont and I can't say enough good about this ozonated silver, I purchase from this company very often- approx. 50 bottles every 3-4weeks. I have 17 years experience in the natural field and I can tell you I have never found so effective silver on the market before. Natures silver lining Silver does sell a lot at our store because we have helped a lot of people with many different problems: Asthma,Athlete 's foot, Candida, Arthritis, pain, any skin conditions: eczema, acne, poison ivy or oak....ulcers, mouth problems,sun burns or any burns, open wounds, eye infections, ear infections, allergies, cold and flu symptoms, bronchitis , diabetes feet, weak immune system and many more..... We order from this company for over 3 years now and We experience more and more interest in our silver. Thank you very much for this wonderful product. Beata Chwalek-Hruswicki Pharmacist Quotes
Beata Chwalek-Hruswicki
Very impressed with a fast results

Quotes I was suffering from a terribly bad episode of psoriasis and it was on my lower back making sitting, walking, and even wearing some clothing horribly uncomfortable. I began with an oral dose complimented by a topical dose sprayed on. By the next morning there was marked improvement: less pain, swelling and significantly less redness. I strongly recomend this product if you have surface dermatology issues. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I was intrigued by the information provided by the Natures Sliver Lining representatives and decided to try the products. Over the past few months the Silver Lining Spray worked great when applied to bug bites and even a bee sting that was greatly irritating my skin for several days which stopped once I applied the silver topically. Great product for a variety applications. Quotes
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Quotes Message : A couple weeks back at a holistic fair in wheaten Illinois I wandered to this very well put together table where a gentleman was kind enough to apply some ionic silver to my broken and throbbing hand. I had heard of colloidal silver being used in vapor to pull toxins and viruses from the body but had never even thought to apply it to the skin. The CEO of this amazing company then went on to explain how he and a friend had found a way to stabilize the ionic silver so that it could be used topically and last longer without losing its potency. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical myself, yet almost immediately after the silver was applied the pain and swelling started to subside. Unrefined coconut oil was then placed on my hand along with another salve and the rest of the day was pain free. I gained some movement back in my fingers with the receding of the swelling as well. I am completely blown away at this am Quotes
Jemery Kostrzewa
Broken hand blues